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About Norfolk Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Norfolk Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company’s carpet cleaning service is a expedient and professional for cleaning and maintenance in Norfolk, Virginia area. We have trained carpet cleaners, who are knowledgeable in carpet cleaning services and stain removal.  We make use of hot water extraction process, which is the best method of carpet cleaning.  Machines use a dry process with powders and chemicals are known to be inferior, because they leave a detergent remainder behind on the carpet.  This remains later attracts dirt, which can outcome in new dirt building up rapidly, making the carpet look impure.

The hot water extraction process forces hot water into the carpet, and then the machine sucks it straight-way out.  The hot water extricates dirt and debris from the carpet fibers, leaving the carpet warm so it fast dries.

Our carpet cleaning service include:

  • Emergency call outs
  • Spilling clean-ups – small and large
  • Full carpet cleaning
  • Competitive per square meter rate or by quotation

When it comes to homes authenticity and aura, family sofa is preferred spot for adults and kids alike. Perhaps your kids and their friends leave little gummy hand prints or pet leaves paw prints there. When person indulge in do it yourself shot of cleaning, it will only clean superficial areas and may even damage the fabric or upholstery as most domestic cleaners use punitive coarse and that may contain bleaches. The precise treatment chemicals and methods for each fabric type are unquestionably necessary, especially if the upholstery is made from a subtle material. Trying to save money though is important but might do more harm than good. Thus, professional upholstery cleaning near me needs arises.

What We Do

Sofa, or couch whatever you call it, this portion of furniture has always given all the comfort and easing whenever one needed it the most. But with time, it has also become the monarchy of a large number of stains and dirt. As it is the most regularly used item in your space, a sofa becomes the like able spot of dust particles, fur, stains, food crumbs, pests etc. It is the fabric of the sofa that suck in all these items. But whether it’s the fabric or any other part of your sofa that is answerable for all that unwelcome dirt and germs, one need to keep It clean anyway. And cleaning a sofa is certainly not an easy task to complete. This is when you need a methodically reliable name like Norfolk Carpet known for the best upholstery cleaning services and is always there to help you with all sorts of cleaning services as we extend the best of services at the most economical prices. 

We are contributory in offering an all-inclusive range of area rug cleaning Services. Our highly skilled professionals are well-trained and offer cleaning to the customers in a best possible manner. Thus to put a positive end to your cleaning needs, call us and we will make your questions an answer with our cleaning outcomes.


Our carpet cleaning experts in Norfolk, Virginia reverence your business and home and thus we are proud of our work. You can be 100% positive that the job will be done the right way from the first time. Our customers happiness is our first priority and we are proud of our work. We offer a wide selection of carpet cleaning services in area or in-person estimate. Our Carpet Cleaning Company is ready to offer you the greatest choice therefore we have built a crew of skillful cleaners, who have high level of edification in the most modern and inventive cleaning methods.


Our Area Rug Cleaning in Norfolk, Virginia Company will get the job done the right way. Our company honoured reputation is well illustrious, because we always aim to go over your expectations for specialized area rug cleaning services. We pay equal awareness at every job and ensure our customers are utterly satisfied that’s why we are top ranked rug cleaning company in area. As professional residential and commercial fully trained cleaners we offer broad multiplicity of cleaning methods from steam cleaning to dry cleaning and pet odour treatment.


At our upholstery cleaning, we believe dirt-free, beautiful furniture and carpets improve the charm of your household. A room can emerge beautifully depending completely on the furniture and rugs you choose. Many householders are not aware of how hard can be to preserve their upholstery. We always work hard to keep the main expectations of our customers and you can always be sure your investments are being cleaned appropriately with the greatest care. Let us make life easier for you and just give us a call here for Cleaning Services. We can handle all of your carpet, rug and upholstery related worries, no matter commercial or residential.


From Our Visitors

Technician was very professional and arrived ahead of time. He even went behind with a swiffer where he’d used the vacuum hoses over wood flooring to get to the carpet to ensure they were clean. Carpets looks great! Will use NORFOLK CARPET & Upholstery CLEANING again!

Exceptional job cleaning our carpets.  Norfolk Carpet Upholstery Cleaning was extremely thorough and spent a great deal of time finding each spot to treat.  Not only did he get out our new stains, he got old dirt that had been there for years! I couldn’t be happier and it was worth every penny.  I highly recommend using Allen’s over any carpet cleaner I’ve ever had.  I wish I could give 6 stars!

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